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  The Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate negotiated with OREA to permit access for lawyers to the OREA Standard Forms, including the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (freehold, condo and commercial), Agreement to Lease (Commercial) and the inventory of additional residential and commercial clauses. These standard forms are the same forms used by all OREA real estate brokers and agents.

OREA licenses these forms for a fee and because it does not have an e-commerce site, LawyerDoneDeal ("LDD") agreed to act as the servicing agent. To purchase an annual license from OREA (via LDD) for use of the OREA Standard Forms, click on the following link and then click on the "HELP FUNCTION" at the top of the LDD web page.

Each license limits the use of the forms to one particular use/licensee at a time and the data entered is lost when you start working on another transaction. If a licensee wishes to work on multiple agreements simultaneously, or to retain the data to later re-print the agreement, provided the licensee is an LDD subscriber, the licensee can use the value-added features offered by LDD’s RealtiWeb® platform. This will permit you to enter and save the client information and merge the documents when you wish.

We trust that access to the forms will benefit you and your clients.