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The Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate has prepared a Real Estate Lawyer's Mission Statement. It captures the essence of the lawyer-client relationship and constitutes a statement to the public of a real estate lawyer's commitment to professionalism.

Real estate lawyers who abide by the Mission Statement should feel free to use it in whatever fashion will assist them in their professional lives.* For example, it could be hung in your waiting room, included in your firm brochure or reproduced on your Web site.

There is both a PDF and screen saver version posted below. For example, the PDF version is suitable for framing or mounting on a plaque. (This latter service is available at most photofinishing retailers.) You could even print it on coffee mugs!

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the pdf version of the Mission Statement. If you do not have it on your computer, click HERE

To post the Mission Statement as a screen saver:

  • click on the screen saver wording and save the image as a file in your computer.
  • right click anywhere on your desktop and select Properties then click on the screen saver tab.
  • scroll through the screen saver drop down and select "My Pictures Slideshow".
  • click on settings and select the saved Mission Statement image file in your computer.
  • click OK and then click the Apply button. (Note: This procedure relates to Windows XP users so that the process of creating your screen saver may vary for other versions of the Windows operating system.)

*All rights in the Mission Statement, including copyright, are reserved by the member organizations of the Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate. Lawyers abiding by the Mission Statement are granted a limited, non-assignable licence to use the Mission Statement itself and the electronic files provided as described above. Any user of the Mission Statement agrees to cease use upon request being made in writing by the Working Group.