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The Working Group believed that a voluntary fee schedule - as a guide for both lawyers and clients - should go hand in hand with the Practice Guidelines. We felt strongly that the client should be provided with a complete picture as to what they should expect in working with a lawyer. We had also hoped that LSUC would feel comfortable with the concept and actually support the promulgation of the schedule, as part of promoting public awareness, but ultimately the Working Group proceeded on its own with the initiative.

Meetings were convened with members of the practicing Bar in various centers across the Province for the purpose of receiving and considering comments and suggestions. As a matter of convenience these meetings were held immediately after the Law Society Meetings on the real estate transaction guidelines and amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct.

In addition an on-line fee survey was conducted in order to better understand the range of fees charged across the province. The final product is the fee schedule that you can view by clicking on the link below. It is important to remember that lawyers are not bound in any way by the suggested fees set out in the schedule.

Fee Schedule

Fee Calculator

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