Communication Kit for Real Estate Lawyers
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This Communication Kit has been developed to assist real estate lawyers in drawing attention to themselves by encouraging the public to use a professional real estate lawyer when they purchase a home or re-finance an existing home.

This Communication Kit contains:

  • A guide for identifying and working with the local media. This guide will help you develop a media kit, then help you to determine which media can best assist you and how to approach them;

  • Sample articles that give you a sense of what may be of interest to the local media. As a real estate lawyer, you may affix your name to similar articles so that you will be considered the local expert. Informative articles should be used as educational pieces in your local papers. The aim is to educate consumers about the importance of having a professional real estate lawyer handle their home purchase or refinance transaction. If you want to publish these sample articles, or significant portions of them, under your by-line (instead of creating your own articles), please contact the LAWPRO Communications Department at 416-598-5890 to make the necessary arrangements;

  • Press Releases developed by LAWPRO®. You may publish these press releases in your local papers. Although these releases do not promote you, the local lawyer, specifically, they explain the benefits to consumers who use a professional real estate lawyer for their real estate transactions;

  • Print ads that encourage readers to use a professional real estate lawyer and to obtain title insurance when they purchase a home. These ads may also be published locally;

  • A sample letter that you may use to send information and brochures to former clients. The letter advises clients of the importance of title insurance even if the home was originally purchased without title insurance; and

  • An overview of why you should have a Web site and ideas to assist you in establishing one.

This entire Communication Kit is available free of charge. However, if there is a cost to have any of the information published (and there probably will be for the ads), you will be responsible for the cost.

We also invite you to refer clients to the TitlePLUS® website ( Visitors can access the Real Simple Real Estate Guide and gain valuable information to assist them when purchasing a home.

If you would like to add a link on your website to the TitlePLUS website, including the TitlePLUS logo, please contact the TitlePLUS Department first for more information.

® Registered trademarks of Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company.

Sample articles:
How your lawyer can help

Planning for legal costs

The ins and outs of title insurance

Finding a lawyer

Press Releases:
Real estate lawyers and purchases

Unique Challenges for condo buyers

Refinancing a property